Safely Store Your e-Bike: Guides to Preserving Your Ride

Jan 14, 2024

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When it comes time to store bicycle, most people either place them on the porch or lean them against a wall. These are really bad decisions since they will damage the bike and potentially necessitate costly repairs. Because we don't want that to happen, we've put together this tutorial on how to store your e-bike while you're not using it.
You will learn all you need to know about storing your e-bike correctly from this guide, including where to keep it, which kind of rack to use, and which room you need for ideal storage circumstances!

The Value of Proper E-Bike Storage

An electric bicycle is a machine. It means that you cannot keep it outside during bad weather. This may result in exterior deterioration and harm to the e-bike's battery. You wouldn't leave your smartphone or laptop outside all the time, would you?

Before Storing My E-Bike: What Should I Think About?

When deciding where to store your e-bike, there are a few considerations to make. You can keep your bike safe if you heed these recommendations:
  1. Remove Dirt and Clean

Make sure your e-bike has been well-maintained and cared for before putting it in storage. This is particularly important if you want to store the bike for a long time, and it's still required even if you ride the bike frequently.
On motorcycles, whether they are electric or conventional, one can frequently find dirt, salt, mud, and water. As a result, you should take out all of these components before storing the bike to prevent corrosion or other damage. It's especially crucial for e-bikes because they have motors inside.
  1. Charge of the Battery

The main feature that sets this bike apart from a conventional bike is the battery component, which also affects how the bike is stored. There are various sorts of batteries on the market; therefore, you must first learn how your battery is made. The most popular kind of battery is lithium-based. And removable internal lithium-ion battery for Crazybird bike.
*For storage, your battery (regardless of kind) needs to be kept apart from the e-bike. Additionally, batteries should not be kept in hot environments, as this might shorten their lifespan and affect performance.
To extend the life of your e-bike's battery, remember to charge it to 50% every 30 to 60 days when you're not using it. Neglecting to do so may result in degradation and even a dead battery. Make sure it's charged before storing your e-bike because they can be costly to replace.

E-bike Storage: Where Are They Kept?

Where can I store my e-bike? This is a question I hear a lot. Typically, people ask about this topic out of concern over their e-bikes' performance.
A few sensible tips will go a long way toward keeping your e-bike secure and in good condition when it is stored indoors. First, choose a dedicated indoor area, such as a shed or storage, to keep your e-bike out of the weather and lessen erosion. In a garage, your e-bike should ideally be kept in your garage if you have one. You have the convenience of the bike not taking up additional space and cluttering your home, even though it might not be the best for the battery (depending on the temperature). Choose a time slot that is away from direct sunlight to prevent any damage to the outside of your e-bike.
In addition to the above methods, rather than simply leaning your e-bikes against a wall, you ought to think about purchasing a proper e-bike rack.
Keeping your e-bike off the ground and against the wall is the alternative. For a variety of bike sizes and shapes, adjustable mounts are available for purchase. Invest in a wall mount or bike rack to efficiently organize the interior area. A wall mount conserves room, which is beneficial if you live in an apartment in a city. This shields your e-bike from unintentional bumps and scrapes, in addition to keeping it properly stored. In addition to saving space, raising the bike to the ground using stands or wall-mounted fasteners also guards against potential dangers. It's important to maintain a temperate inside temperature since this will extend the life of your e-bike's parts, particularly the battery. To avoid potential damage and extend its life, if you plan to store it for a long time, think about taking the battery out and keeping it separately in a dry and cold location. You can make sure your e-bike stays in excellent shape for your next trip by following these indoor storage suggestions.

How Should E-Bikes Be Stored Outside?

Your e-bike can be stored outside without any issues, but the battery needs to be kept indoors. Particularly, lithium batteries need storage temperatures between 4 and 21 degrees Celsius. Alterations in temperature have the potential to cause damage to the battery's capacity.
Your e-bike should only be temporarily stored outside if that is how you intend to store it. The longer you leave your bike outside, particularly in a public area, the greater the chance that it may be stolen. Because of their increased cost and appeal, criminals are especially drawn to e-bikes.
Since the weather is harsher in the winter, you may want to ride your e-bike for shorter periods of time. You should try to keep your bikes indoors throughout the winter months because people tend to store them for longer periods of time.
Your bike will last longer if it is stored indoors, where it will be safe and kept in excellent shape. It won't be surrounded by typical winter weather conditions like wind, rain, or snow. Detach the battery and store your e-bike in a room with the ideal temperature, even if you're keeping it inside.
It can be difficult to store an electric bike. Fortunately, we've given you a few pointers and strategies to help streamline the procedure. You can be confident that your e-bike is secure and safe if you follow this guide.
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